Dietitian Adelyn Khoo

Senior Clinical Dietitian

-Prov. Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Dietitians Australia
-Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, Adelaide

Adelyn has helped 1,000+ clients to achieve weight loss goals and manage chronic lifestyle diseases. Individual clients reported a weight loss of an initial 2-4kg over a period of 3 months, subsequent weight loss of 3-6kg; and improved blood readings over 6 months.

Specialty: Weight management, Recovery nutrition, Osteoporosis, Cellular nutrition, Prediabetes, Chronic disease management (High cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease), Nutrigenomics.
Areas of Interest: Sports nutrition, Gut health (IBS), Metabolic health, TCM, Fertility, Maternal nutrition.

Adelyn is an advocate for personalised and sustainable nutrition for every individual. She focuses on improving your quality of life (improved energy levels, body positivity, food positivity, improved health) through a custom-designed plan to help you achieve your goals.

With her 8 years of experience in nutrigenomics (CircleDNA) and medical nutrition therapy, Adelyn incorporates the integration of a TCM-meets-Western-science concept that will help to improve your lifestyle.

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