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By Psychologist Jaswyn, Dietitian Adelyn & Physician Chelsea.In Singapore, obesity and overweight rates for both adults and children are on the rise. In MOH’s annual National Population Health Survey for 2019/2020, it was found that the obesity rate of adult Singaporeans has increased to 10.5%. This was the same obesity rate last seen in 2010, […]
Cancer is, no doubt, a frightening condition to think about; “anti-cancer” has become a byword in marketing, and cancer sufferers will often try anything in the hope of improving their chances at recovery. Unfortunately, all this has led to many false and exaggerated claims in the health industry, from companies trying to profit off people’s […]
Have you experienced small red bumps forming around your eye before? Styes are very common in adults and can cause irritation and discomfort. While styes usually resolve on their own, TCM can help speed up recovery and lessen symptoms, especially for severe cases. What is a stye? A stye (or hordeolum) is a painful reddish […]
Major depressive disorder, or depression, is a common mental disorder that is sadly not taken as seriously as other chronic conditions. Untreated depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical issues which affect normal daily life. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has historically been used to treat depression up till today, particularly in Asia. Western medicine typically uses medication and therapy to tackle depression, while TCM adopts a more holistic approach. Read on to understand more about depression from a TCM perspective and some tips to help ease depression.
The mid-autumn festival, traditionally marking the end of the autumn harvest, falls on 10 September this year. To celebrate, Chinese around the world buy or make mooncakes to enjoy with family over tea. In Singapore, there are choices abound with restaurants, hotels and confectioners offering numerous textures, flavours, colours and their own variations of this traditional […]
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Fibre, at its core, is profoundly unglamorous— it’s something associated with the constipated, with the elderly, and the chronically ill.However, this humble nutrient goes far beyond its ability to help with constipation. There are many health benefits associated with a high-fibre diet, including a higher immunity, maintaining a healthy weight, better mental health, as well […]
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is usually believed to be an ‘old man’s issue’ as its prevalence increases with age as testosterone falls. However, this condition is a common and rising issue even in younger men these days due to high levels of stress— with as many as one in two sexually active men suffering from ED.ED […]
Singapore’s weather has been unusually warm and humid for the past 2 weeks.Rest assured that it’s not just you who feel this way. Many Singaporeans have feedbacked that it’s been abnormally warm and humid in April and May 2022.The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) has stated that warm and wet weather is expected to continue into […]
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