Physician Sow Lee Fong

TCM Physician

Bachelor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Singapore College of TCM

Lee Fong believes that TCM regards each individual as unique, so all corresponding therapeutic and preventive approaches in TCM are personalised. Looking at optimal health and wellness through a multifaceted approach is the best way to support and empower the whole person. She focuses on providing individualised care plans and enjoys working together with patients to achieve optimal health.

Physician Lee Fong’s area of interest: General Wellness, Pain & Injury Management, Women’s Health, Acupuncture Facial, Scalp Acupuncture

Recent posts by Physician Sow Lee Fong

Every month, like clockwork, millions of women experience the intricate dance of hormones and bodily changes that herald the arrival of their menstrual cycle. For some, it’s a seamless transition, but for many, it comes with a monthly list of unwelcome symptoms—premenstrual syndrome (PMS).These symptoms, ranging from mood swings to physical discomfort, can significantly disrupt […]
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