Physician Ong Fang Ying

TCM Physician

Clinical Master’s Degree in Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

During her 8 years in Beijing, she received training in Dongzhimen Hospital, Xi Yuan Hospital and Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, acclaimed health institutions with a long history of TCM. She worked alongside her mentor in Dongzhimen Hospital for 3 years, treating patients with a wide variety of conditions. She then returned to Singapore and continued practising in a private hospital.

She is skilled in using a combination of acupuncture and acupressure to treat sports injuries, musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain, focusing on restoring physical and energetic harmony within the body. She is also passionate about women's health and fertility and is experienced in providing holistic treatment for IUI and IVF support, internal medicine, paediatrics and numerous other conditions.

Physician Ong’s Expertise: Pain Management, Sports Injuries, Gynaecology, General Fertility and IUI/IVF Support, Dermatology, ENT Conditions, Gastrointestinal, Neurological and Respiratory Syndromes, Insomnia, Paediatrics, Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness.

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