Physician Yumi Yen

TCM Physician

Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Singapore College of TCM

Master of Business Administration
Wisconsin University - Whitewater (USA)

Bachelor of Accountancy (Taiwan)

Physician Yen is a TCM physician with over 12 years of experience. She started her Traditional Chinese Medicine career working in multiple charity clinics for more than a decade, where she attended to patients with acute pains and injuries (especially shoulder and back aches). She was also part of several specialty teams within the clinics, including their ophthalmology, acupuncture and gua sha departments.

Physician Yen has a strong passion in TCM and believes in constantly upgrading her skills and competencies. She also adopts a patient-centric approach as her treatment philosophy, and will work closely with clients to resolve issues on their own pace and comfort level. Her level of care has hence seen her clients describe her as empathetic, attentive and caring. 

Physician Yumi’s area of interest: Pain & Injury Management, Dry eye-related Issues and Disorders, Internal Medicine, Digestive Issues, Slimming and Beauty Acupuncture

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