Dietitian Adelyn Khoo

Senior Dietitian

-Dietitians Australia member
-Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, Adelaide

Adelyn’s passion lies in public community health, which has driven her to explore an unconventional route in her career. She has 7+ years of experience in different industries ranging from nutrigenomics (CircleDNA Senior Dietitian), nutritional supplements, and healthcare. With the internet, nutrition information is readily available, but so is fake news and myths; so it can be hard to distinguish between nutrition facts and fads.

Adelyn loves to educate, encourage and empower the general public with actionable nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, backed by research and science. She strongly believes that enabling people to improve their diet and lifestyle makes a difference in their lives.

Adelyn is an advocate for personalised and sustainable nutrition for every individual, and seeks to work with said individual as a partner, to formulate a tailored care plan that incorporates aspects of his/her lifestyle. Armed with her years of experience and knowledge in Western nutrition, she is keen to address the stereotypes with TCM, and integrate a East-meets-West lifestyle concept that is beneficial for her clients.

Specialty: Weight management, Type II diabetes management, Hypercholesterolaemia, Hypertension, Heart disease, Nutrigenomics.
Areas of Interest: Sports nutrition, Gut health, Metabolic health, TCM.

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