Postpartum Hair Tonic (Bundle)


  • boasts all natural plant-based ingredients
  • with smoothing oils to increase hair density
  • Replenish qi and blood to promote hair growth
  • Enhance & promote circulation to the scalp

Postpartum hair loss is a common problem, but there is a natural and effective way to reclaim your confidence. PULSE TCM’s postpartum hair tonic, developed by TCM physicians, is made with a blend of traditional Chinese herbs. This chinese medicinal concentrate combines a family of herbal actives that boasts all natural plant-based ingredients with nourishing oils to replenish qi and blood, improve blood circulation to the scalp, cleanse and improve scalp health as well as reduce hair fall.

This formula is specially designed to be safe for breastfeeding mums- however, do check the ingredient list if your baby has any specific allergies.

Formulated and tested on physicians, by physicians.

Postpartum Hair Tonic

Replenishes and promotes blood circulation to scalp to strengthen hair strands

  • 当归 Radix angelicae sinensis
  • 川芎 Chuanxiong ligustici rhizome
  • 红花 Flos carthamis

Tonify qi and enhances circulation to the scalp

  • 黄芪 Radix astragali
  • 香附 Rhizoma cyperi

Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory to reduce itch

  • 白鲜皮 Cortex dictamni
  • 白芥子 Semen brassicae
  • 干姜 Zingiber officinale

Enhanced with Borneol to increase scalp permeability

  • 冰片 Dryobalanops aromatica (Borneol)
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