Stress Relief Tea



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To help relax the mind, ease chest tightness and reduce breathlessness.

10 Teabags

Stress Relief Tea


  • Flos Rosae Rugosae 玫瑰
  • Rhizoma Cyperi 香附
  • Curcumae Radix 郁金
  • Radix Bupleuri 柴胡
  • Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis 佛手
  • Menthae Haplocalycis Herba 薄荷
  • Radix Glycyrrhizae 甘草
  • Rhizoma Chuanxiong 川芎


  1. Place the tea bag into a cup.
  2. Add 200-250ml of boiling water and let the tea bag steep for 5 minutes. It is recommended to remove the tea bag once 5 minutes is up. 
  3. Consume the beverage gradually throughout the day. 


  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Not suitable for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated.
  • Information provided is not a substitute for a physician or any form of medical care. Individual symptoms may differ due to different body constitutions and diagnosis. One should consult a licensed TCM practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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