Trainee Tiffany Gan

Management Trainee, Brand & Ops Strategist

Double Degree (Honours with Merit):Double Degree with Honours (Merit) : Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences & Bachelor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

A graduate from Nanyang Technological University’s double Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tiffany had a late exposure to TCM, which also meant that she was skeptical about acupuncture, cupping and alternative therapy. Curiosity however, hasn’t killed this cat but rather, has fueled her aspiration to uncover the secrets and science behind TCM.

Tiffany has grown in her understanding and acceptance of TCM and is now a strong advocate in the use of alternative therapy. She strives to educate and spread the knowledge of TCM to be utilised in our daily lives.

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