Fertility Planning - A TCM Treatment Programme

Having children and building a happy family is the natural wish of many newlywed couples. However, some couples find themselves unable to conceive after trying for many months or even years. This can be an emotionally stressful and frustrating time.

If you have been struggling to conceive naturally, you are definitely not alone. More people than ever before are seeking help for infertility, which is defined by the inability to get pregnant after 12 months of unprotected sex.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers a natural, alternative approach to  increase your chances of conceiving. Our individually tailored fertility programme includes:

  • A consultation and examination with our TCM physicians to reveal underlying health issues that could form barriers to conceiving. 
  • A personalised treatment tailored to your needs and body condition using acupuncture and other TCM methods. The treatments are aimed to address your unique barriers to fertility and and naturally increase your chances of successful conception. 
  • Our fertility programme can also be used alongside IVF to prepare your body and help boost the treatment success rates. 

What Can Cause Infertility?

Age & Infertility


Modern couples often marry at older ages or delay pregnancies for career or other personal reasons. However, it’s important to note that there is a correlation between a woman’s age and her ability to conceive.

Women are born with a fixed number of eggs inside their ovaries. However, the quantity and quality of a woman’s ovarian reserve declines with age (see table below).  A woman’s best fertile years are in her 20s. Fertility gradually declines in the 30s, and conceiving becomes more difficult after age 35. With a rising proportion of women trying for a child in their mid-thirties or older, fertility issues are now more common than ever.

Improve your IUI and IVF success rate with Acupuncture 3

Data from Healthline

Other Common Causes of Infertility

Besides age, other issues can also lead to infertility. To understand them, it is first important to understand what is required physiologically for pregnancy to happen:


Ovulation must first take place: when a mature egg is released from the ovary


The sperm must travel far enough into the fallopian tube to fertilise the egg


The fertilised egg travels through the fallopian tube towards the uterus


Pregnancy begins when the fertilised egg implants in the womb

Problems with any of these steps can cause infertility to happen to both men and women. Male infertility is responsible for up to 30% of infertility cases.

For Women

For Men

Uterine fibroids

Blocked fallopian tubes

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Erectile dysfunction

Insufficient sperm production

Low sperm motility

Nevertheless, as there are myriad factors that can affect fertility, it is also common that couples do not have any diagnosed fertility problems and yet still find themselves unable to conceive. 

A TCM Perspective

Conception can be analogous to gardening. There are three main requirements for fertilisation to successfully occur, as described below. The fertility conditions described in the previous section would affect the conditions of the “seed and soil”. 

Improve your IUI and IVF success rate with Acupuncture 2

TCM believes that abundant Essence, Qi (vital life energy) and Blood are the three essential substances that are vital to fertility. TCM treatments focus on improving deficiencies in any of these areas and the general conditions of the body; or the ‘Seed and Soil’; to increase the chances for successful conception. 

Body Constitutions & Fertility

Body constitutions are distinct profiles of body conditions based on TCM theory that is often linked to the health issues and symptoms experienced. Certain body constitutions are believed to negatively affect fertility.

Body Constitution
Qi Deficiency


Prone to fatigue, chills, weakness, and the common cold or flu.

Qi is the vital body energy that  supports all bodily functions. When Qi is deficient, it affect the body’s ability to support pregnancy.

Body Constitution
Liver Qi Stagnation


Irregular menses, stress, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, fatigue and digestive issues. 

Often associated with a high stress lifestyle or emotional troubles, which can lead to a stagnant flow of Qi (life energy) in the liver. 

Body Constitution
Blood Stasis


Painful periods and clots, sharp, stabbing pains, dark or purplish skin or lips, varicose veins, numbness and tingling. 

A condition where the blood flow is sluggish or blocked. When blood flow is restricted in the reproductive organs, it can hinder fertility.

Body Constitution
Kidney Deficiency


Irregular menstrual cycles, fatigue, backache, frequent urination, cold hands and feet. 

In TCM, the Kidney system plays a vital role in reproduction and is closely associated with the body’s essence. Thus any Kidney deficiency can lead to difficulties conceiving. 

How can TCM Help with Fertility?

For Females

✔ Regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation
✔ Improve the quality of eggs produced in the ovaries
✔ Strengthen the womb
✔ Improve the condition of the endometrial lining for implantation of the egg
✔ Increase success rates for IVF

For Males

✔ Increase virility
✔ Boost confidence
✔ Improve the quality and viability of sperms

Initial Consultation

The programme begins with an in-depth consultation with our physicians, who will ask you questions pertaining to your medical history and your fertility profile, which may include:

  • Your timeframe of having tried to conceive
  • Fertility treatments tried
  • Medical conditions and any past surgeries
  • For the women: regularity of menstrual period and prior pregnancies

Your physician will also perform TCM diagnostic methods such as a pulse and tongue examination. This can reveal your body constitution and any underlying health issues or weaknesses that can affect fertility. Based on the information gathered from the consultation, your physician will tailor the treatment according to your profile. 

TCM Treatments


Acupuncture is the primary TCM treatment for fertility.  By inserting thin needles at specific points along select meridians (energy pathways), acupuncture balances the flow of Qi and promotes overall health, including reproductive health. Each acupuncture location (acupoint) is associated with a different organ and purpose. 

Acupuncture can address the diverse issues that can hinder fertility, for example irregular periods. By stimulating select acupoints, acupuncture can promote more regular ovulation and menstrual cycle. Different acupoints are also stimulated at different stages; such as pre- and post- ovulation.  

Additional Treatments

Your physician may also prescribe another treatment such as Moxibustion  or Herbal medication based on your diagnosis. Chinese herbal formulas are commonly prescribed to help nourish the body for improved egg quality and sperm health.

Our fertility programme is individually tailored to address each patient’s unique condition and barriers to fertility. And as the possible factors of infertility can come from either the woman or the man, couples  are encouraged to come for the treatments together.

TCM Fertility Treatments for IVF

Can TCM treatments be used to increase the success rates for In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatments?  The answer is yes. TCM treatments are also commonly used to condition the body to be in its optimal state for IVF or IUI; and thus increasing its success rate. 

It is highly recommended to start the TCM treatment sessions at least three months before your IVF/IUI treatments commences. Although if you have missed this window, you can still begin at any stage. TCM treatments can be conducted concurrently with IVF/IUI treatments.  

What to Expect

Each session begins with a consultation with your physician followed by an acupuncture treatment session. Each visit will require approximately thirty minutes to an hour of your time. For optimal results, couples are recommended to attend their treatments at least once a week, and for a minimum of 10 sessions.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, much finer than the needles used for injections or blood draws. Many people barely feel anything. Some others describe the prick of acupuncture needles as a tingling sensation or pressure around the insertion point. Acupuncture sessions are designed to be relaxing. Many find the process calming or even fall asleep during treatment.


Each fertility treatment typically includes of a TCM consultation and an acupuncture session.

Each session usually ranges between $140 – 200*

*Price varies depending on the seniority of physician, length of consultation (typically longer for the first consultation), and number of acupuncture sites. Herbal medication, moxibustion, or additional acupuncture for other ailments would be charged separately. Prices are exclusive of GST.

Credit packages (with savings) are available in-clinic. Consult with your physician to find one that suits your needs.

Fertility issues can be challenging, but don’t give up your hopes of building a beautiful family.

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