BIXEPS for Muscle Recovery & Enhancement

Gain the physical benefits of exercise without breaking a sweat? 


BIXEPS is a revolutionary technology that allows users the benefits of exercise & muscle activation simply by using the device for 10 minutes each time. 

And what are the benefits experienced by BIXEPS users?

  • Frail seniors with weakened muscles and mobility issues became stronger and could move more freely again. 
  • Athletes reported enhanced strengths and performance, as well as quicker recovery times from their practice.
  • Others have reported their chronic pains and aches subsiding

What is BIXEPS?

BIXEPS is a muscle activation device based on a patented technology; Muscle Magnetic Mitohormesis Therapy; originally founded at the National University of Singapore. Its benefits have been supported by clinical research evidence and also has been featured in the Straits Times and many other local publications. 

To use it, individuals need to insert one of their legs; particularly the upper thigh region into the device; and wait for 10 minutes as it works. 


How Does BIXEPS Work?

Physical exercise brings numerous physical and mental benefits. For seniors, exercising can help to prevent frailty and loss of muscle mass, as well as maintaining strength, mobility and balance. This helps to reduce the risks of falls and injuries and allows them to function more independently. 

However, many seniors find it hard to exercise due to already weakened muscles as well as accumulating aches and pains. Thus, BIXEPS functions to bring the physical benefits exercise through the following mechanism:

  1. During usage, BIXEPS generates electromagnetic waves that safely and gently activates the mitochondria cells within your muscles as exercise would. This mitochondria activation increases energy production in muscles, promoting muscle repair and regeneration.
  2. The activated muscles also release molecules named myokines into the blood that exerts broad systemic effects, including improving bodily functions like metabolism, regeneration and reducing inflammation.¹

Benefits of BIXEPS

For Seniors

After 12 weeks of  weekly BIXEPS usage elderly users experienced¹

  • Improved muscle mass and strength
  • Improved mobility
  • Better balance and reduced risks of falls
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Improved energy levels 
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Better ability to exercise
  • Improved independence and quality of life. 

“ Prior to the BIXEPS programme, I had a lot of weakness in my legs. It was painful in my hip and feet when I took even a few steps. I could not climb stairs the normal way, and had to rely on the handrails to balance myself. After about a month of treatment on the BIXEPS machine, I felt some relief when I walked. My hips weren’t that tight and I could walk quite normally. My movement up and down the stairs was much faster, with better balance.
At the end of 12 sessions, I felt that my leg movement had returned to normal, and I could go up and down stairs without using the handrails.”

—George Teo, Retiree¹

“I could stand up for longer periods and walk better. I can now do daily morning walks for 45 minutes and also have the strength to carry my grandson.”
—Yvette Cheak, 73yrs³

For Athletes

 After an intense training or workout session, athletes normally have to wait for some time for their muscles to safely recover before resuming training. With BIXEPS, athletes have experienced³

  • Quicker recovery time from workouts, allowing them to train more often and longer
  • Enhanced muscle strengths
  • Improved training outcomes
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved energy and endurance. 

“Before using BIXEPS, I found it harder to recover. After using BIXEPS, my power outputs are a lot better, and I don’t feel that my legs are very heavy as I unclip after a hard ride. There’s definitely been improvements in endurance”

—Darren Lim, National Cyclist³

For Sufferers of Pains & Injuries

BIXEPS can also help individuals with: 

  • Pain, stiffness and swelling at the knees & other parts of the body
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries (sprained ligaments, cartilage tears, tendonitis)

BIXEPS users with pains and injuries have reported:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Improved function and strength 
  • Faster healing of injuries

Note that the benefits of  BIXEPS’ effect is not limited to just the legs. The device mechanisms promote all-over healing and strengthening to various parts of the body. 

“I had an issue with my right knee with a torn meniscus after a cardio workout. It was too small to operate so the doctor recommended physical therapy. As expected after 1.5 years the knee was much better but not 100%. Fluid still remained, where it was visibly noticeable and I could not fully extend my knee. It affected my regular walking and physical activities. After 3 sessions with BIXEPS in December of 2021, the fluid went away instantly and now I can fully extend my leg. Truly remarkable. I have continued to use it ever since then. I am now back to my normal, 3-4 work out sessions per week without any discomfort.”

—Charlie Yi, Venture capital Executive¹

NOTE: While the majority of BIXEPS users have reported above improvements, results may vary person-to-person. The improvements experienced and the speed of progress would depend on many factors, including the user’s current musculoskeletal conditions, degree of weakness or injury, lifestyle and the number of BIXEPS therapy sessions attended. A minimum of 10-12 continuous weekly BIXEPS sessions (about 3 months) is recommended to experience significant results.


At PULSE, you have the option to complement BIXEPS usage with established, time-tested TCM practices and the expertise of our physicians with years of experience in orthopaedic pain and injury management.

When you also book for a TCM consultation alongside your BIXEPS treatment, our TCM physicians will: 

  • Conduct a general TCM health assessment with you
  • Inform you of your body condition and any underlying deficiencies or health issues, and their connection with your pains or presenting health problems.
  • Discuss your current health issues and health/performance goals, and providing recommendations
  • Depending on the results of your assessment, treatments such as acupuncture, cupping, or herbal medication may be recommended to you (not included in the standard consultation cost). 

Combining TCM treatments  with BIXEPS usage will maximise your results and bring a more holistic improvement. 

Benefits of PULSE TCM x BIXEPS


• Quick, fuss-free treatment
• Natural, safe and gentle
• Promotes muscle recovery & strength
Promotes healing of pain & injuries
Improves energy levels
Improves balance and mobility
Boosts metabolism

For athletes

• Speedier recovery between workouts
• Improves training outcomes


• Understand your body constitution & root causes of health issues
• Addresses underlying imbalances and deficiencies
Naturally relieve pains and aches
Promotes healing of injuries
Nourishes and rebalances your body with required nutrients.
Improves overall health

For athletes
• Enhances sports performance

What to Expect

Each BIXEPS session is 10-minutes long. You will need to complete a prior registration and brief screening to ascertain that you can safely use BIXEPS. 

If you are also coming for a TCM consultation, it will require about 30-45 minutes. The BIXEPS session can be done before or after your consultation. 


BIXEPS Package: 10 + 1 FREE BIXEPS sessions  at $500*

A TCM physician consultation & assessment session ranges from $40 – 80 (Depending on seniority of physician. Excludes add-on treatments)*

*Prices exclude GST. 


Can I use the BIXEPS machine alone without engaging TCM?

Yes, you can come for BIXEPS sessions alone as well. 

Can I come for just one session of BIXEPS to try it out first? How many sessions of BIXEPS will I need?

People are unlikely to experience any improvement or effects from a single BIXEPS usage, or just a few sessions. At the BIXEPS clinical trials, the significant gains reported by users were measured after 12 sessions of weekly BIXEPS usage*. Thus, we are not offering single-sessions to avoid misrepresenting the idea that one-off sessions can be beneficial. 


*Note that the amount of sessions required to experience results would vary among users, depending on their current musculoskeletal health, improvement goals and other factors. 

Why are the BIXEPS sessions set to 10 minutes? Can I do it for longer?

Research has shown that this is the most optimal timing that maximises BIXEPS benefits. Shorter or longer exposures to the fields have been shown to render less optimum levels of mitochondria activity and therefore have less of an effect. 

Why is the device used only on one leg? How can it improve the rest of the body?

Myokines; the molecules stimulated by BIXEPS usage and mainly responsible for its effects;  circulate throughout the body upon release.  Thus, it contributes to all-over improvements to the other parts of the body. The upper thigh region is targeted as it is often the largest muscle for many users, to maximise the myokines release per session. 

Can BIXEPS be used to replace real exercise?

BIXEPS is NOT a replacement for physical exercise. Real exercise gets our heart pumping, our blood flowing, releases endorphins that improve our mood, and promotes many other benefits for physical and mental well-being. BIXEPS use is recommended to improve the physical conditions of individuals to enable them to take part in exercise and be more active, which will bring the best health outcomes in the long-term. 

Can I use BIXEPS if I have implants?

Users with Active Electronic Implants like Pacemakers and Defibrillators should NOT use the BIXEPS device.

Persons with passive implants who are able to go for MRI, can safely use BIXEPS.

Dental implants and modern passive implants are non-ferromagnetic and allowably used with much more powerful magnetic medical equipment like the MRI (that operates at field strengths a 1000x stronger than BIXEPS). Some older implants are “weakly magnetic” and are safe for MRI 6 weeks after surgery, these implants are safe to use with BIXEPS too.

Users who are uncertain about the type of implants they have, or whether they can safely use BIXEPS, should consult with their doctors first before booking with us. 

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