Acne Management TCM Programme

A holistic, 100% safe & natural approach to acne management and overall well-being.

Most of the time, acne goes away on its own. However, persistent, reappearing acne can be frustrating. If you have chronic acne, it may just be a side effect or symptom of underlying health issues.

Your face mirrors your internal health. When problems manifest on the skin, it is signalling a deeper imbalance going on somewhere in the body. From TCM’s point of view, acne can be due to a variety of internal disharmony. Each type of imbalance is reflected in its characteristic symptoms and signs, i.e. shape and appearance of pimples, body areas in which pimples develop.

In PULSE, we offer a holistic and personalised approach to eradicate acne and restore healthy skin with our 10-sessions acne programme. During this programme, our TCM physicians will diagnose the root cause and contributing factors to your acne problems. Together with you, we’ll address these issues. Once internal balance is achieved, other issues associated with acne such as bowel problems, excessive thirst, oily skin and menstrual-related skin problems will simultaneously be resolved.

TCM Treatments


A one-on-one consultation with a TCM physician, which involves the four diagnostic methods 1. 问诊 (Inquiry),
2. 望诊 (Inspection), 3. 切诊 (Palpation) & 4. 闻诊 (Olfaction).


Physician will diagnose underlying diagnostic patterns issues causing acne problems. During which, the physician will advise on lifestyle changes.


Acupuncture on the affected area(s), as well as other acupuncture points, depending on the patient’s diagnostic patterns.

Medication (Optional)

The physician may prescribe herbal medication according to body condition. Cost is not included in programme fee.


1st – 2nd session

Depending on severity, for a start, patients may be required to come for treatments
twice a week.

3rd – 4th session

This is when patients will experience the most significant improvement in skin condition.

5th – 10th session

It is important for patients to continue coming for treatments so as not to break the cycle of the healing process. Failure to do so may result in having to restart the treatment programme.

If the acne has mostly cleared up by this stage, patients can choose to come only fortnightly to maintain the healing process.

Diagnostic Patterns

From TCM’s viewpoint, acne can be due to a variety of diagnostic patterns such as:

  1. Heart Fire
  2. Yin-deficiency
  3. Spleen-deficiency
  4. Poor digestive system
  5. Hormones
  6. Stress

Patients usually come in with a mixture of diagnostic patterns. No two persons will present the exact patterns and no two persons will be treated with the exact same acupoints. During each session, targeted acupoints will be tweaked to your body condition.

Case Study A

  • Female patient, in her early thirties, has relatively good skin except on her forehead where she has a lot of small pimples
  • After a consultation, Physician diagnosed that the pimples are mainly caused by her poor digestive system and frequent consumption of raw food
  • Acupoints used: LI11 曲池 ‘Qu Chi’, LI4 合谷 ‘He Gu’, KI6 照海 ‘Zhao Hai’, PC8 劳宫 ‘Lao Gong’
  • Patient’s acne was mostly cleared up by the 6th session

Case Study B

  • Female patient, one of the more complicated cases in PULSE, has pimples appearing on different areas at different times.Sometimess around her T-zone, sometimes around her chin or cheeks.
  • Physician attribute cause of pimples to her highly-stressful lifestyle and consumption of spicy food.
  • Acupoints and medication prescribed are mostly for coping with stress. Acupoints used: LU11 少商 ‘Shao Shang’, LI1 商陽 ‘Shang Yang’, ST44 內庭 ‘Nei Ting’, LV3 太沖 ‘Tai Chong’, PC7 大陵 ‘Da Ling’
  • Patient recovered around the 10th session with occasional recurrent of small pimples. Currently started the second cycle of programme for maintenance.

Lifestyle and Diet

After your consultation, the physician may suggest some lifestyle and diet changes specifically for your body condition. Typically, we advise patients the following:

  • Diet: Avoid spicy food, ‘heaty’ food, ‘cooling’ food (e.g. sashimi, cold fruits)
  • Personal Hygiene: Do not wash face more than twice a day, change pillow cases weekly, avoid touching face with hands or hair, wash cosmetic brushes after each use


Overall Health

Our complexion is most affected by the health of our internal gut lining and hormones, among other factors. Any imbalance in them is made prominent through face-mapping. Other than achieving a clearer skin, this programme is designed to rectify ailments from inside out and not just on the surface.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No, acupuncture needles are hair-thin. Acupuncture needles inserted in the face don’t go more than 2mm deep. Some individuals may feel some soreness when needles are inserted around the associated organ with blockages or imbalance.

Is there a trial session before I commit to this programme?

Yes. We advise patients to go for a trial session to see if you can commit to a 10-sessions long TCM journey with us. Some patients would also like to test their threshold for acupuncture before committing to a long-term programme. This trial price for one session is at $68, and it includes the whole acupuncture treatment and consultation.

Is it suitable for all acne types?

This programme is most effective for skin with active acne and acne marks. For pitted acne scars, more cycles may be required to boost collagen production.

Is there any risk involved?

No. Acupuncture is 100% safe and natural.


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