Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy 

Has it crossed your mind that your food choices can be improved, but you find it too difficult or complicated? Changing habits is hard, especially so if faced with conflicting advice or if we feel forced into it. A dietitian will help you not only understand what best suits your unique circumstances, but also tailor your journey to your psychological readiness. 

Weight Management 

Losing or gaining weight is not simply a factor of eating/ not eating a certain food. Often, we are misled by diet culture and quick slimming tips, only to end up frustrated or damaging our health. At PULSE, sustainability for your physical and mental health is the top priority, so you get the results without compromising your well-being.

Digestive Issues

These comprise a wide range of symptoms (like bloating or constipation) and present differently in each person. Gut health is closely interlinked with mental health, thus your dietitian will work closely with you to identify trigger foods, manage short-term symptoms and aim for long-term improvement of your gut microbiome.

Chronic Conditions and Others

Most of us eat about 1.3 – 1.8kg of food a day – that’s about 500 – 650kg a year! It’s no surprise that it affects almost every chronic condition. The right balance for you will look different from another person’s, even if you have the same condition. This also applies to people with cancer, eating disorders and allergies.

To find out about the right balance for you, make an appointment with our dietitian today!

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