Frequently Asked Questions

Is TCM Recognised in Singapore?

TCM is officially recognised in Singapore. You can find TCM clinics like PULSE TCM in numerous locations.

Is TCM reliable?

Yes, TCM is safe and reliable when administered by certified physicians and has proven to be effective for many people. Our physicians are all registered under TCMPB (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board), a statutory board under the Ministry of Health.

How can cupping help me?

Cupping is extremely therapeutic and can increase blood circulation and relieve stress and muscle tension.

How do I find a TCM practitioner?

PULSE TCM Clinic can provide you with TCM treatments and services. Get in touch with us!

What can TCM treat?

TCM works by bringing the body back into balance with the aid of different treatments like acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion and tuina. The imbalance could be caused by internal (eg. disharmony between organs, emotions, etc ) and external factors (eg. environment, weather, time, etc).

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