TCM + Dietitian Weight Loss Management Programme

A first-of-its-kind Weight Management Programme that integrates Eastern practices and Western science for a more holistic result that is truly personalised for you.

Lose weight effectively, naturally, and safely with our team of physicians & clinical dietitians who have years of experience in weight management. In addition to TCM advice and treatments, optimise your diet through targeted medical nutrition therapy for improved and sustainable results.

Weight loss is personal and should never follow a one-size-fits-all approach. A personalised approach to losing weight should be customised to your body, weight history, current circumstances, goals and lifestyle.

There are many difficulties and struggles that you may face in maintaining a healthy weight. 

Lose weight safely with this program, while minimising the risk of adverse effects. 



  • Boosts metabolism
  • Suppresses appetite, reduces urge to overeat
  • Readjust imbalances in body condition
  • Improves digestion & reduces bloating
  • Safe & natural


  • Personally tailored nutrition advice and goal setting
  • No restrictive diets or expensive supplements
  • Provide motivation, support, and accountability to you
  • Substitutes, not just “eat less/avoid” – factors in your preferences & lifestyle
  • Guidance navigating any food allergies, sensitivities, weight gain & chronic disease outcomes


First TCM trial at $68

First trial includes consultation with physician and acupuncture treatment

1 Dietitian Consultation at $130

Dietitian consultation with our Clinical Dietitian for first session will take approximately 45-60 mins

Package includes:

  •  10 TCM sessions
  • 3 Dietitian sessions

@ $1,800 (sessions in the package are independent of trial session)

What to expect

1. Make your first appointment with a physician for your initial consultation and treatment. Depending on your body condition, treatment options like acupuncture, cupping, or herbal medication may be recommended to you. (45-60mins)
2. Following assessment and guidelines from your physician, book your first consultation session with a dietitian to start a tailored nutrition plan and set your goals. During this consultation, we will ask you questions about your diet & lifestyle to assess your habits and design an optimal plan that is sustainable for you. (Initial session 45-60mins, subsequent sessions 20-30mins)
The dietitian will consider your personal goals, medical history, eating patterns, personal preferences, food culture and traditions; before setting nutrition goals to work on at each session. The dietitian can also provide you with resources (written or online) to help you with your goals. Do see the FAQ for more information on how you can prepare for your session with a dietitian

TCM Treatments

Body Types Prone to Weight Gain

1. DAMPNESS 痰湿体质

Signs & Symptoms: Abdomen bloating, water retention (more on lower limbs), lethargy, watery or sticky stools, prone to hyperlipidaemia

Characteristics: Weight gain around the waist; Fatigue, distension, easily cold limbs

Cravings: Sweets, starches, caffeine


Signs & Symptoms: Stressed, easily frustrated or anxious, mood swings, dry mouth, disturbed sleep, body aches, a higher chance of developing hypertension

Characteristics: Weight gain on upper body; Easily irritable, predisposed to hypertension, more sensitive to stressors

Cravings: Greasy, sour and salty foods, alcohol, red meat


Signs & Symptoms: Fatigue, cold hands and feet, water retention, abdomen bloating, backache, watery stools/ diarrhoea, prone to flu

Characteristics: Weight gain all around; Tired at night, weaker immunity, joint pain, lower sex drive, difficulty digesting at night

Cravings: Dairy, creamy foods


• Helps in the circulation of ‘Qi’ and ‘Blood’
• Increases metabolism
• Improves digestion & reduces bloating
• Reduces urge to binge eat
• Reduces urge for alcohol and foods high in calories
• Reduces body aches and pains


• Gradually disintegrates saturated lipids
• Removes damp stagnation from body
• Improves circulation of ‘Qi’ and ‘Blood’

Moxibustion (optional)

(Suitable for patients with kidney/spleen deficiency only)

  • Warms the meridians
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Dispels cold and dampness

Cost is not included in programme fee.

Medication (optional)

Depending on body types and individual condition, a customised herbal prescription can be given on a weekly basis in addition to TCM treatments.

Cost is not included in programme fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which area of the body will the TCM treatment be done?

Electro-acupuncture is usually done on the stomach, arms and legs. Depending on the diagnosis by your physician, different acupoints will be taken. Cupping is normally done after acupuncture on the stomach, thighs, arms and/or back.

How do I prepare for my session with a dietitian?

  • It’s important to think of goals. What would you like to work on with the dietitian? Is there anything that you would like to change or improve?
  • Bring a list of medications/supplements with you, and be able to talk about your medical or weight history. 
  • In some cases, it may be helpful to do a 3-day food diary before the session. This is a list of everything you are eating and drinking for the last 3 days, so that the dietitian is able to get an idea of your food habits and eating patterns. 
  • Write out any questions that you would like to ask during your session. 
  • If you feel it would be helpful, you may ask a family member or friend to come with you to your session. 

How often should I come back to see the physician/ dietitian?

TCM: The frequency of treatment is discussed and agreed in consensus between the consulting physician and patient, as the requirements, conditions and results for each individual vary. Typically, treatments are done twice a week for the first 2-4 weeks. Subsequent treatments are usually once a week. 


Dietitian: For best results, we advise to start early and see the dietitian by your 3rd-4th TCM session. Subsequent sessions may be 2 weeks to 1 month apart, depending on individual needs. You can still see our dietitian even after your TCM treatments have ended. 


The Weight Management programme consists of 1 course of 13 sessions. Depending on the individual, 2 or more courses might be recommended for effective weight management.

How do you keep track of my progress?

The physician will examine your pulse and tongue to keep track of the changes in your body. The physician can also monitor your condition through the cupping marks as the different colours reflect different diagnostic patterns. 


The dietitian will work with the physician on tracking your progress. The follow-up sessions will allow you to ask questions, talk about what is going well, what is not working, and receive support and feedback from the dietitian.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture needles are hair-thin. It is generally not painful, however, some individuals may feel some soreness when needles are inserted around the associated organ with blockages or imbalance.


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