Sports Enhancement TCM Programme

Sports Enhancement TCM Programme

Sports, when done correctly with perseverance, are beneficial. As your body endures the stimuli introduced, it’ll begin to transform and get closer to your goals (be it for weight loss, bulking, or performance).

However, it usually reaches a plateau when your body has adapted to your exercise routine. Athletes or individuals seeking to challenge their limits may find getting stuck in a performance plateau disheartening.

Whether you are competing or doing sports for leisure, hitting a plateau is a common yet frustrating occurrence. Apart from personal changes, like adjusting your schedule and routines, TCM is able to help enhance sports performance.

Acupuncture has been an efficient treatment for all manners of sports injury and pain management. Thanks to the new research and testimonials from new-age athletes, acupuncture as a form of natural sports enhancement has gained popularity.


1. It enhances muscular strength: Acupuncture stimulates muscles to increase blood supply. With sufficient blood flow to the muscles, energy stores are plentiful and provide sufficient energy to attain that extra strength.

2. It reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS): Acupuncture reduces the pain and duration of DOMS so that recovery period is shortened.

3. It hastens muscle rebuilding: Acupuncture speeds up the removal of inflammatory materials from the muscles, thereby hastening the rebuilding process of the muscle fibres.

4. It increases flexibility and prevents joint injuries: Acupuncture allows for more joint movement and reduces injuries caused by unnatural joint movement.

5. It allows proper absorption of nutrients: Acupuncture improves one’s digestive system to allow better nutrient absorption.

The Programme

The sports enhancement programme consists of two parts:

Performance Enhancement

• To identify the area(s) of exercise which can be improved upon
• To identify the limiting factor in breaking through the fitness plateau
• To improve performance through acupuncture and/or tuina for joint or muscle flexibility
• To improve performance through acupuncture and/or medication for stamina/strength limit
• For patients preparing for an event (marathon, fighting matches, competition), TCM can improve muscle durability and prevent injuries

Injury Management

• To determine the cause and origin of pain
• To acknowledge and treat the pain
• To identify major contributing factor of pain and modify exercise routine

Frequently Asked Questions


What to expect?

Each visit includes consultation and acupuncture and requires 30 to 60 minutes. During your first visit, it’s good to be clear about your expectations and communicate with your attending TCM Physician, who will provide advice and treatment plan.

How often should I visit?

Typically, we advise patients to visit once a week for performance enhancement and up to 3 times a week for injury management (subject to physician’s advice).



Each session consists of a consultation (price varies with physician) and treatment.

Credits package are available. Speak to your physician for one that best suits your needs.


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