Whether you are a first-timer to Traditional Chinese Medicine or a seasoned user who prefers a contemporary clinic, we believe you will feel right at home with us.

PULSE Camden Medical


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services at a modern, premium clinic setting
  • English speaking, effectively bilingual physicians and staff. All information presented in English. 
  • More communication and personalised care from your physician. 
  • Private consultation & treatment rooms. 
  • An integrative approach bringing the best of traditional medicine and modern, evidence-based care


10 accessible locations

We have clinics throughout the CBD and key locations islandwide.  All conveniently located by an MRT.  

Registered, bilingual TCM physicians

All our physicians are  registered with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board under the Ministry of Health (MOH). They are all also effectively bilingual in English and Chinese.

Modern, hygienic clinics

You would feel just like at your regular doctor or another health clinic. Also feel reassured with standard hygiene & safety protocols in place. 


We aim to remove the mystery out of TCM. And make the wonderful benefits of this ancient art of medicine accessible to everyone. 

PULSE was first established with the goal to modernise TCM and make it accessible to the masses. Today, we are the modern TCM brand in Singapore with 10 clinics islandwide. In line with our aim to integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine, we also now provide allied health services with dietitians and a psychologist. Through time-tested knowledge and treatments, we aim to help patients with various conditions achieve wellness naturally and holistically. 

Consult a PULSE physician to discover effective TCM treatments for your ailments.


Learn About TCM Treatment Methods

Traditional Chinese medicine views illnesses and ailments as representation of imbalances in the body. TCM treatment methods, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and cupping, aim to restore this balance by addressing the root causes of health problems promoting holistic healing. 

Learn more about TCM treatments and how they help with various ailments. 



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Ready to kickstart your journey to wellness?

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