"Is it normal for periods to last for months?"

PRESSWHEREHUH: Regulating Menses 调理月经


三阴交 (San Yin Jiao) 

How to locate the Acupoint:​

It is located at the inner side of the lower limb. Place 4 fingers starting from the tip of the inner ankle, the point is located behind the tibia bone


*Pregnancy caution


  1. Massage the point with the tip of your finger till you feel soreness. Maintain that pressure while rotating your finger on the point for 3-5 minutes. Repeat on both sides. Massage daily one week before your menses
  1. 以指尖按揉穴位直至有酸胀感,以相同指力持续揉动穴位3-5分钟。两侧交替重复。 月经前一周每日按揉本穴。
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