"Burp, I ate too much for lunch!"


Digestive/ Bloating


(Zhong Wan, RN12) 

How to locate the Acupoint:​

Located on the anterior median line of the upper abdomen, 4 cun (proximal 5 fingers breadth) above the belly button.



  1. Massage the point with the tip of your finger till you feel soreness. Maintain that pressure while rotating your finger on the point.
  2. Alternatively, you can also place your palm over the point, rub the stomach area around the belly button in a clockwise direction. Continue for 3-5 minutes or until you feel better.
  1. 以指尖按揉穴位直至有酸胀感,以相同指力持续揉动穴位。
  2. 或者,以手掌自穴位处顺时钟围绕肚脐推揉。持续3-5分钟或至症状改善。

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