"Achoo! My head hurts so bad."

PRESSWHEREHUH: For Headache 头痛

  • Flu induced headache 感冒后引起的头痛
  • Frontal 前额头痛


合谷 (He Gu, LI 4)

How to locate the Acupoint:

Situated between the first and second metacarpal bone, along the middle of the second metacarpal bone.



1. Place you hands in a half clench position
2. Locate the point and gently massage the point using the other thumb. Continue to do so until you feel better.
3. Repeat for both sides.

1. 一手半握拳。
2. 以另一手拇指按揉合谷穴直至症状改善。
3. 两手交替重复。


Not suitable for pregnant women.

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