"Help! My neck is feeling stiff!"


For Stiff Neck 落枕


(Hou Xi, SI3)

How to locate the Acupoint:

When the fist is half closed, the point is located in a depression proximal to the head of the fifth metacarpal bone, at the junction of the light and dark skin.



1. Massage the “Lao Zhen” point on the opposite side of the body where the neck pain is located. If the left side of your neck hurts, massage the point on your right hand.
2. Massage the point with the tip of your finger till you feel soreness. Maintain that pressure while rotating your finger on the point.
3. Gently rotate your neck left and right while stimulating the acupoint. You should slowly begin to notice a decrease in neck pain and a slight increase in your range of motion.

2. 以指尖按揉穴位直至有酸胀感,以相同指力持续揉动穴位。
3. 按揉穴位的同时,颈部向左右方向轻柔地来回转动。此时应可察觉颈部疼痛有所缓解,以及颈部可活动范围有所改善。

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