"Yawn, I can't help but feel lethargic all the time!"

PRESSWHEREHUH: Lethargy/Immunity


足三里 (Zu San Li, ST36)

How to locate the Acupoint:​

Located on the anterior aspect of the lower leg, 3 cun below the kneecap.



  1. Massage the point with the tip of your finger till you feel soreness. Maintain that pressure while rotating your finger on the point for 3-5 minutes. Repeat on both sides. You can also stick a moxibustion pad/ perform moxibustion at this point if you have them. Zu San Li is also called the “longevity acupoint” that is essential in boosting immunity and energy level in the body.
  1. 以指尖按揉穴位直至有酸胀感,以相同指力持续揉动穴位3-5分钟。两侧交替重复。 也可使用艾灸贴置于穴位上或使用艾条灸治。 足三里是“长寿穴”之一,常用于补气保健。

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