Fertility Planning with TCM

Infertility is a problem that may plague some couples wishing to conceive a child, and both sexes have equal chances of being infertile.

This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine and its healing methods can help increase the chance of conceiving a child. In most cases, both parties are recommended to receive treatment to improve their body constitution.

Various possible causes for not conceiving a child include:

Kidney Deficiencies (Hormonal Imbalances)

In TCM, the kidneys refer to the ‘congenital constitution’ inherited from parents since birth, which is vital for growth, energy production and reproduction. It is similar to what is known today as genetic and hormonal factors. Energy from the kidney peaks around the reproductive ages of 25-30, however, it gradually depletes as an individual grows older due to various environmental and lifestyle factors.

Emotional Stress

The function of the liver in TCM is to regulate emotions and ensure smooth flow of blood and energy in the body. When under a high level of stress, these functions are disrupted and blood circulation is affected.

Phlegm Stagnation

Frequent consumption of raw, cold and spicy food adversely affects the digestive system. This often results in the production of ‘phlegm’ and ‘dampness’ in the body. The accumulation of these secretions in the body negatively impacts fertility.

Blood Stasis

Irregular menstrual cycles and uterine cysts may be possible causes for infertility. This is often caused by blood stasis in the ovaries and womb.



General Tips

Reduce stress levels by using relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.

Maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly and a balanced diet.

Increase intake of antioxidants (such as folate and zinc) and avoid food rich in trans-fat.

Have sex during the fertile window. The best chance of conception is 5 days before ovulation or during ovulation.

Acupressure points to massage:

Article by Physician Benjamin Xiao

Note: Information provided is not a substitute for a physician or any form of medical care. Individual symptoms differ due to different body constitutions and diagnosis. One should consult a licensed TCM practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment.


20 thoughts on “Fertility Planning with TCM”

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    Hi. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past years but unsuccessful (had 2 kids already – 16 and 9 yrs old). I’m 46 years old Female, had Bariatric surgery and intend to try again either naturally or IVF. I will be seeing the Reproductive doctor in mid-July. Can I go ahead and do the acupuncture or get the advise from the doctor first? Appreciate your help on this. Thank you.

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    Hi I’m 36, been trying for a year, regular period , eat clean and sleep well, exercise 4 times week. 160cm 49kg. hormones are in the normal range, vitamin D and thyroid level are all good. My husband’s count is also good . What do you think TCM can do ?

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      Hi Tang,

      Thank you for your question. We would usually need to gather more information about your menstrual cycle and find out the following:

      How long is the duration of your menstrual cycle?
      What is the color of your menstrual blood? Is it dark red?
      Do you experience any blood clots during your periods?
      How many days does your menstrual period typically last?
      Additionally, have you and your husband undergone any investigations or consultations with any western doctors regarding your fertility?

      We may also request that you create a temperature chart based on your basal body temperature to help determine your ovulation period. This information will assist us in using herbs to regulate your menstrual cycle, which can potentially improve your overall reproductive health and increase the chances of fertilisation.

      However, we would still recommend an in-person consultation and diagnosis with our physician to recommend the best course of treatment for you. You may book an appointment here: https://pulsetcm.sg/book-an-appointment/.

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    Hi, can your treatment help regulate menses? Want to plan for #2 but facing this issue. Are your herbs in packet powdered form?

    1. Avatar photo

      Hello WX, TCM treatments can definitely help! Our herbal medication is usually in packet powdered form. Would you like to book an appointment with us?

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      Hi Karen, do you mind submitting a photo of your tongue over at https://askpulsetcm.sg/? One of our physicians will be able to advise you on how TCM can help, based on your body constitution. Rest assured that we are here for you, every step of the way for your fertility journey.

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    Are your courses accredited to TCMPB and entitled to CPE continuing education points for TCM practitioners? If yes, I’m interested. Kindly reply me via HP Peter. Thnks

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    Hi there.:
    What’s the herbal prescription like? Does it contain any animal origin or alcoholic content? And is it a must to take the herbal prescription together with the treatment?

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Nad, we use natural herbs and the type of herbs prescribed would depend on your body constitution and symptoms.

      For a start, would you like to share with us a photo of your tongue at https://askpulsetcm.sg/ and let our physicians know a bit more about your fertility journey thus far, so they can get back to you on the recommended treatments and herbs available? Thank you!

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    Hi, im trying for 3yrs plus. But still not pregnant. Already remove and cut off my left fallopian tube due to cycst. Only left with right fallopian tube. Pls help me.

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        Hi, I’ve been trying to get pregnant since I was 20 and nothing has happened. I’ve taken clomid, letrozole, metformin, and had an HSG which the result came back normal. I was told I have pcos and not ovulating regular. I’m still trying to get pregnant they offered IUI but I want to know if there’s other options? As I’ve spent so much money on care and appointments already with no results.

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          Hi Miki,

          From a TCM point of view, the focus would be to regulate the menstrual cycle. The physician will use a combination of acupuncture and TCM herbal medication to adjust your body constitution, with the aim of creating an environment that is more suitable for conception.

          As everybody’s body constitution is different, we highly recommend that you visit PULSE for a consultation with the physician to diagnose, assess and work with you on a treatment plan that is personalised for you.

          We hope that helps! If you’d like to book an appointment with our physician, you can do so here: https://pulsetcm.sg/book-an-appointment/.

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