Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is an evidence-based medical approach to treating certain medical conditions through the use of an individually-tailored nutrition plan and can only be conducted by a certified dietitian.

MNT is a key component of treatment for many chronic diseases, as well as for people who suffer from digestive issues, food intolerances, or sub-health conditions. Dietitians can identify the right dietary balance for patients to maximise and sustain well-being. The food on our plates comprises many components, which can be hard to imagine since we do not see them. These nutrients, however, have direct effects on all aspects of health – be it our gut health, blood sugar, body composition and even our mental health.

By attending a Medical Nutrition Therapy session, you are better able to contextualise and apply the dietary advice given by a TCM physician for your body constitution, factoring existing medications, illnesses, and your lifestyle to ensure an efficient and effective result that is sustainable for you and empower you to make well-informed decisions for your diet and your health in the future.

Conditions which will benefit

  • Weight Management 
  • Digestive Issues (e.g. Bloating, Reflux, IBS)
  • Women’s Health 
  • Chronic Diseases (e.g. Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Gout)
  • Food allergies/ Intolerances 

What to expect

Full assessment – Medical/ Psychosocial background, diet history, lifestyle (including medications/ lab results if any)
Diagnosis – Comprehensive explanation of individual causes, consequences and physiology of nutrient discrepancies
Solution – Collaborate on practical solutions/ swaps
Support – Personalised materials mailed post-session

Why see a dietitian?

1. Personalised, targeted medical nutrition therapy 

  • Factors in existing medications/ medical conditions 
  • Tailored around your medication/ blood tests/ supplements

2. Improve efficacy of treatment by optimising diet with Western evidence, in addition to guidelines given by TCM physician

3. Substitutes, not just “eat less/avoid” - ensures you maintain quality of life

4. Context and education instead of simply purchasing expensive supplements or adhering to restrictive diet plans

  • Cuts the need to buy expensive and ineffective health foods/ supplements/ programmes that do not assess your body condition
  • Learn how to make your own informed choices instead of trying varied products

5. Ensure completeness of macro + micronutrients

  • Not only targets your presenting condition, but also any underlying disease requirements/ your life stage

General overview of topics covered for each condition (non-exhaustive, details will differ by patient) 


Weight Management

Digestive Issues/ Food Allergies

Main Intervention

Detailed weight history, food components and calories, maintaining muscle and metabolism

Symptom history, identifying triggers in foods, preparation methods, reintroduction and optimising gut health (long-term)

Your Journey

1. Make your first appointment

  • Online, or ask your physician/ staff at any of our PULSE outlets!

2. First consultation

First consultation (up to 45 minutes, depending on patient needs)

  • Bring relevant blood tests, information about medications
  • For existing PULSE patients, the Dietitian will obtain treatment history from your physician
  • Personalised nutrition coaching, plan and materials

3. Follow-up consultation(s)

(usually 30-45min)

  • Monitor and review results, re-evaluate any change in lifestyle/diet, adjust plan
  • For best results, patients may require a minimum of 2-3 sessions

    The number of sessions required differs based on each patient’s goals and needs. If you only have a few questions to clarify, one session may suffice. However, most conditions fare best given time to review and adjust the nutrition plan, hence at least 2-3 sessions are recommended. 


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