PRESSWHEREHUH: Headache ACUPOINT: 太阳Tai Yang, EX-HN5 How to locate the Acupoint:​ Located in the region of the temples, in the depression about 1 finger-breadth posterior to the midpoint between the lateral end of the eyebrow and the outer canthus Steps: Using tip of the thumb, apply light pressure on the acupoint. Gradually increase pressure till […]
PRESSWHEREHUH: Fatigue ACUPOINT: 关元(Guan Yuan, CV 4) How to locate the Acupoint:​ On the anterior median line of the lower abdomen, 3 cun (4 finger spacing) below the umbilicus Steps: Position your right palm on top of the acupoint, massage it from small circle, middle circle to large circle in a clockwise direction, about 100-200 […]
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