Beauty From Inside Out: Achieve Better Skin through TCM Nutrition

By Physician Lee Fong

20 Oct 2023

With our fast-paced urban lifestyles, we will inevitably find ourselves surrounded by pollution, high-stress environments, and succumbing to poor lifestyle habits. These various internal and external factors can take a toll on our skin health.
TCM has a unique perspective on skin health and views the skin as a mirror reflecting the harmony within your body. Internal factors such as a poor diet and insufficient rest, along with external factors like pollution and sun damage, can disrupt this delicate balance and result in a variety of skin issues.
In this talk, Physician Lee Fong will share how you can nourish your body with the right foods for a more holistic approach to achieving good skin. Learn practical tips and TCM nutrition advice that you can use in your daily lives to get the healthy and radiant skin you’ve always dreamed of!
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