PAP Women’s Wing x PULSE TCM Mindful Herbal Tea Making Workshop 

In celebration of Mother’s Day, PAP Women’s Wing engaged PULSE TCM to host a Mindful Herbal Tea Making session for 50 empowering female individuals. 

It was a unique and enriching session with PULSE+ Allied Health Lead Clinical Psychologist, Dr Jaswyn Chin and PULSE TCM Physician Ji Hui Jun. This workshop provided participants with an opportunity to learn about the practice of mindfulness, its benefits for mental well-being, and how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives through a creative and enjoyable herbal tea-making activity.

The workshop began with an insightful introduction to mindfulness practices by our psychologist. Participants were guided on how mindfulness can enhance mental health and overall well-being. This was followed by a session with our TCM physician, who led an exploratory journey into the world of popular herbs used in tea blending. Participants discovered various herbs’ scents, tastes, and benefits, all while practising mindfulness techniques.

Throughout the session, participants engaged in hands-on activities, blending their own herbal teas and experiencing the calming effects of mindfulness. The event concluded with participants packing their personalised herbal blends to take home, allowing them to share the experience and its benefits with their loved ones.

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