PULSE x BIXEPS Sports Recovery & Enhancement Programme

A first ever Sports Recovery programme that incorporates modern technology with Eastern practices and Western science for a well-rounded and holistic recovery approach that is truly personalised for you. 

Recover quickly from workouts in a natural, safe and effective manner with our all-in-one concept utilising the BIXEPS machine and our team of physicians and dietitians with years of experience in sports enhancement and sports nutrition. 

The BIXEPS machine provides a proprietary muscle activation program to speed up recovery, reduce fatigue, improve training outcomes, enhance exercise capacity, and slow down deconditioning during injuries.

Recommended for frequent gym goers, badminton players, elite athletes, individuals with knee pain and/or sports injuries.




  • Natural, safe and gentle
  • Enhances muscle recovery and exercise capacity
  • Improves training outcomes
  • Quick treatment (10 minutes) and fuss-free!


  • Reduces duration of DOMS
  • Injury management and performance enhancement
  • Expedites muscle rebuilding
  • Enhances muscular strength
  • Increases nutrients uptake and absorption efficiency


  • Personally tailored sports nutrition advice and goal setting
  • Helps you to prepare and recover from training or sporting events
  • Provides motivation, support, and accountability to you
  • Guidance navigating any food allergies, sensitivities, weight & chronic disease outcomes

What to Expect?

1. Make your first appointment with a TCM physician for your initial consultation and treatment. The BIXEPS session will be done just before your TCM session (10 mins). Depending on your body condition, treatment options like acupuncture, cupping, or herbal medication may be recommended to you. (45-60mins).

2. Following assessment and guidelines from your physician, book your first consultation session with a dietitian to start a tailored sports nutrition plan and set your goals. During this consultation, we will ask you questions about your diet, exercise routine & lifestyle to assess your habits and design an optimal plan that is sustainable for you. (Initial session 45-60mins, subsequent sessions 20-30mins).

3. The dietitian will consider your exercise / training schedule, daily routine, medical history, eating patterns, personal preferences, food culture and traditions; before devising a plan to maximise your training and performance outcomes. The dietitian can also provide you with resources (written or online) to help you with your goals. Do see the FAQ for more information on how you can prepare for your session with a dietitian


First trial at $150

First trial includes a session of BIXEPS (10 minutes),
1 PULSE TCM session (includes consultation and acupuncture) and 1 Dietitian session (30 minutes).

Package includes 10+2 BIXEPS sessions, 6 Pulse TCM sessions and 2 dietitian sessions at an additional $1200 (sessions here are independent of trial sessions).

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PULSE x BIXEPS Sports Recovery Programme enhances the results of your sports journey with the use of the BIXEPS machine to activate your muscles safely and efficiently. This muscle activation helps to speed up recovery, reduce fatigue, improve training outcomes, enhance exercise capacity, and slow down deconditioning during injuries.

Two full dietitian sessions are also included to support your exercise / training needs which will help you to perform optimally and facilitate recovery. Sports nutrition is not just reserved for elite athletes and marathon runners. Anyone keen to understand and elevate their fitness can benefit from sports nutrition.

Yes, you can keep the programme flexible, but we recommend that you go for the BIXEPS session once a week, and consult our physician for the TCM treatment after the BIXEPS session. The TCM physician will advise you on the frequency plan that best suits your condition and needs. You may book for the dietitian session any time after seeing the TCM physician. 

You may also discuss with our physician and dietitian on a plan that best suits your schedule and needs.

BIXEPS uses a patented technology, Muscle Magnetic Mitohormesis Therapy; magnetic mitohormesis that safely and gently activates your muscles and enhances muscle recovery. The activated muscles also release myokines into the blood that exerts broad systemic effects, some include improving bodily functions like metabolism, regeneration and reducing inflammation.

You may read more on the technology of BIXEPS here. 

Yes you can, but you will only reap the benefits of just BIXEPS alone. On its own, each component in the PULSE X BIXEPS Sports Recovery programme (BIXEPS, TCM, Dietitian) has a proven track record in improving sports recovery. We highly recommend the full programme as it is the first to incorporate all 3 components for a holistic sports recovery that helps you achieve the best results. 

No, the fields are designed to safely and gently reach deep into your muscles to activate the mitochondria within cells. These fields are not affected by clothing and shoes.

It’s important to think of goals. What would you like to work on with the dietitian? Is there anything that you would like to change or improve with your current routine?

  • Bring a list of medications/supplements with you, and be able to talk about your medical and sports history, and also history of past injuries. 
  • Current workout schedule and type of workouts you do.
  • Write out any questions that you would like to ask during your session. 
  • If you feel it would be helpful, you may ask a family member or friend to come with you to your session. 

Yes. Do bring along the current diet regimen from your personal trainer, and allow the dietitian to assess if it is suitable for your training schedule and nutrition needs.

An accredited sports dietitian is very different from a personal trainer. Sports dietitians are accredited dietitians that have received additional training and are specialised in nutrition for sports and physical activity. This is really important as the body processes and uses the nutrition obtained from food and supplements differently when it is physically active. Every individual is different and requires different nutritional recommendations that a sports dietitian is able to assess and determine on the best sports nutrition plan tailored to your health and needs. 


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