Our TCM Physicians

Meet the friendly physicians of PULSE TCM! 
All PULSE TCM physicians are registered under TCMPB (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board), a statutory board under the Ministry of Health (MOH).  The majority of our physicians also have had dual training in Biomedical Sciences or generally have a good overview knowledge of western medicine. Our patients are always welcomed to discuss any of their ongoing conventional medicine treatments or doctors’ advisories whenever relevant. 
Our physicians are effectively bilingual in English and Chinese. You can also request for a female or male physician. 
Dr Sim Beng Joo
Advisor (Science & Strategy) / Consultant Physician
Dr Kevin Tang
Consultant Physician
Dr Looi Mai Leng
Consultant Physician
Physician Tan Kang Ting
TCM Physician,

Lead (Platform Development and Training)

Physician Lee Fong
TCM Physician
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